Paraben Free Toiletries

Paraben Free Toiletries

I’m not really the pampering kind of girl but like nearly all women, I use a fair few products on a day to day basis. And while I’m not super strict on the ingredients these products contain I usually at least look for paraben free.

Since becoming pregnant I have added a moisturiser to my daily routine to try and limit stretch marks. Whether it helps or not remains to be seen but it makes me feel better! Plus my skin has been so soft and lovely since that I will probably carry on after birth. I don’t use a moisturiser on my face though as I get oily skin. I use a paraben free face wash or wipe and put light makeup on which has more than enough moisture for me.

And here are some of my finds. I live in the UK so these are what I have found relatively easily here. I found the Good Things products in Sainsbury’s and have used their facial moisturiser a while back but found I was better without, their face wipes which are very wet and perfect for cleaning off make up, and the pictured face wash which I like too.

Good things

The Timotei I buy from Tesco or Home Bargains. They sometimes have it in Home Bargains at a really good price but more often than not they only have the conditioner and not the shampoo. I have been using this for months and love it but always use the conditioner with the shampoo or I find my hair feels a bit dry. I highly recommend this one.


The Palmers Cocoa Butter is my new pregnancy addition. This is the kind that is a really thick, set butter that melts on your skin. It highly moisturises and doesn’t fully soak in so can leave you feeling a little sticky under your clothes. I find I can still feel it on me until my next bath or shower but it really does make my skin feel great. I sometimes just use it every other day so I’m not so sticky!

Cocoa Butter

I have been using this Sanex shower gel for quite a while too. It is plain and boring but does the job. Sometimes my skin gets a little dry when I use it for shaving my legs and under arms but it’s nothing a little moisturiser can’t fix.


Faith in Nature are a brand I have only ever seen online and can be quite pricey. I bought this along with a shampoo when they were a bit cheaper on Amazon, but the prices tend to go up and down on there. The shampoo was very thin but lathered well and smelt lovely of citrus oils (which was in the ingredients). The face wash is nice and lightly exfoliates. It can sometimes make my skin a little oily as it is quite thick and I’m not sure what else is in it, but I like to use if a couple of times a week. Sometimes I just wash my face with water but everyone’s skin is different. I would buy their shampoo again but not at full price as it is around double the price of the Timotei that I like.

Faith in nature

And that is all I have in at the moment. I still haven’t found a natural deodorant that works for me and I use a Sanex one that contains aluminium. It’s not ideal but I can’t live without a good deodorant.

I’m coming up to 19 weeks pregnant now and thought I would share a quick belly shot for anyone who is interested as I am getting a little bump now. It’s pretty exciting for me to see and also to feel my little one move around now. I will be finding out the sex of my baby next week which I am really looking forward to.

19 weeks

Do you check the ingredients in your beauty products or just in the food you eat? How important do you think it is to put less chemicals on your skin? I would love to hear any recommendations that you guys have!


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6 thoughts on “Paraben Free Toiletries

  1. Natalie Tamara September 30, 2014 at 7:15 pm Reply

    I really like the Timotei paraben-free shampoo & conditioner. Never tried Good Things so may have to check them out!

    • freedomfoodjournal September 30, 2014 at 7:18 pm Reply

      Give Good Things a try. They are a bit more scented than Timotei so feel a bit more like a treat 🙂

      • Natalie Tamara September 30, 2014 at 7:21 pm

        Papaya and licorice sounds so unusual too, will be hunting it down 🙂

      • freedomfoodjournal September 30, 2014 at 7:21 pm

        Hope you like it 🙂

  2. ravenelftinjot October 1, 2014 at 8:46 am Reply

    I’m usually a quiet lurker when it comes to your blog but I had to comment with my excitement about that 19 week old niece or nephew of mine – you have SUCH a neat little bump! 🙂

    On another note; I can’t believe moisturising is new to you – you must have naturally very soft skin! I tend to use Simple products on my face which do unfortunately contain parabens but I have sometimes-oily skin that’s also sensitive thanks to the harsh acne treatments I had in my teens and they’re the only brand I’ve found where I can pick up and use anything from the range without causing any irritation.

    I use the anti aging daily moisturiser as it it contains an SPF which is really important for keeping wrinkles away for as long as possible (!), and protecting skin against the sun and wind – I put it on before the morning dog walk so it has time to soak in before I apply any make-up. I have the night cream too.

    I love that Palmers body butter and use it (or one of their other body moisturisers) daily in the summer, weekly when it’s cooler (although it should be more frequently!) along with their body scrub on my legs as it’s great for shaving and helps fake tan not to streak and real tan to last on the rare occasion my legs are tanned in any way!

    Have you heard of Skin Blossom? I’ve recently started using their eye cream and am thinking of braving a moisturiser when my Simple one runs out – according to the blurb their products are “Certified to the Soil Association organic health and beauty standards, and Vegan Society registered. 98.85% natural & free from ingredients like SLS, SLES, ALS, Phylates, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM, PEGS, Silicones, synthetic colour & fragrance, Urea, DEA, MEA TEA & Glycols.” Not sure which high street shops sell the range but I added the eye cream to an Ocado shop last week as they had 25% off all organic products (food as well) throughout September and it seems to be safe so far plus has nice packaging which I’m always a sucker for.

    • freedomfoodjournal October 1, 2014 at 11:39 am Reply

      Thank you 🙂 I love my little bump.

      I rarely get dry skin and always have some moisturiser in but don’t often use it. I have tried Simple face products but they don’t tend to agree with me. And yes, I saw they contain parabens which put me off too.

      I will look into Skin Blossom!

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