My Garden Veg Patch

One thing that never fails to make me feel better is spending time in the garden when the sun is out. I’ve dabbled with growing veggies in the past but this year I have been more organised and have started to see results. Below you can see my first ever lettuce! It doesn’t look quite as tidy as the ones you buy from the shop but it tasted great and I felt better just knowing that it hadn’t been sitting around on a shelf for a week.

Cos Lettuce

Spring Onions

I am also growing spring onions. I used a couple this size as I had none in and was making vegan potato salad and they had a lovely subtle onion taste. I am saving the rest to enjoy fully grown but I am please they are finally thickening out as they looked like chives for a very long time! These have been very easy to grow, beginning life in my window sill and now living out in my Β£29.99 flimsy “green house”.

Rainbow Chard

This rainbow chard is delicious too. I have gently wilted some as a side for dinner and have also juiced some. It has grown quite a lot since I took this photo due to near constant rain but the rain has stopped me going out to take more pictures. When it gets bigger I will make chard wraps. I just keep taking leaves to thin it out and give the others chance to grow bigger. This too has been super easy to grow.

Green Beans

My low FODMAP friend, he green bean. My mum grows these every year and gave me some seeds she saved from last years crop. I grew French beans last year which were delicious and easy to look after so I’m trying both French and runner beans this year, the runners in the flower bed.


It was also the first weekend of letting Lola out after her operation. She had the stiches out so we let her in the garden. A week after this she had blood in her urine and not long after that she was in a fight with another cat twice her size and got a great big abscess on her side. You can see her shaved patch in this picture but the hair is starting to grow back now.

I am also growing strawberries, new potatoes, peas, yellow courgette, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. The potatoes will be ready soon and I can’t wait! The strawberries have flowers on them but the courgette and cucumber are barely seedlings at the moment.



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2 thoughts on “My Garden Veg Patch

  1. Natalie Tamara May 30, 2014 at 11:49 am Reply

    Sounds like you’ve got a delicious selection growing, it really must be amazing to know what you’re eating has just been picked! I’m looking forward to having a garden soon and being able to try growing something πŸ™‚

    • freedomfoodjournal May 30, 2014 at 4:00 pm Reply

      Thank you πŸ™‚ it definitely feels good after all those months of watering and pest control. Good luck with your growing!

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