IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is a part of so many peoples lives. It can be anything from cramps and trapped wind, to diarrhea and/or constipation. A lot of people will discover certain foods along the way that make the symptoms worse, usually things like dairy, gluten and coffee. But have you cut these out and still have problems? I was eating a healthy diet, filled with fruit and vegetables and my stomach was in knots. But how could this be? I was taking care of myself and felt hopeless that I would never feel better. It wasn’t until I watched a program a few years ago called Food Hospital that I found relief. There was a lady on the show that had such bad pain that she had been hospitalised a couple of times and just really needed help. She was put on a low FODMAP diet, something I had never heard of, and she felt so much better. I didn’t hesitate and jumped right in, amazed by the results.

You can find information on FODMAP’s by typing it in to google. There are a wealth of lists telling you what to enjoy and what to avoid; and I recommend giving it a go if you can relate. One thing I would like to mention is that you will be cutting out a lot of highly nutritious foods which can be a worry. I followed the diet religiously until I felt great and then introduced one thing at a time to see what worked for me. But if it turns out that you can’t stomach broccoli or cabbage, have spinach. If you can’t stomach avocado which is an extremely healthy fat, sub it for nuts and coconut oil. You just have to be smart about it. I am posting this because I got complacent and ate whatever I wanted and I am currently paying the price.

So this is just a vague post on FODMAP but one thing I have switched up to feel better is my smoothies. Recently I posted a green smoothie with mango which is one of the fruits that do a number on me if I have too much per serving, so I have made another smoothie, replacing it with pineapple and adding some coconut oil for flavour and healthy fat. As I mentioned, spinach is an amazing green to include, so if you add kale into your smoothies you can try spinach instead and see if it makes a difference. Other fruits to think about are berries, papaya, melon, banana, orange. It might look restrictive but you really can still enjoy a varied diet.

Here is my Low FODMAP Green Smoothie:

1 Banana
1 Handful Frozen Raw Organic Spinach
1/2 cup Frozen Pineapple Chunks
1 tbsp Raw Organic Coconut Oil
1 cup Filtered Water or Unsweetened Almond Milk or Coconut Water

Blend it all up and enjoy. This is full of nutrients and is a perfect breakfast if you do want to try a few weeks on Low FODMAP just to see if it works for you.

Low FODMAP Smoothie

I recently got interested in 80-10-10 and was wary about the lack of protein and good fats, but everyone doing it looked so ridiculously healthy! But when I looked closer it was all high FODMAP, fructose filled fruits so I won’t be trying that. I have also read a lot about how harmful fructose can be so following low FODMAP is the way I am going, while trying to keep animal products to a minimum. I’m sure my boyfriend thinks I’m incredibly boring always reading and researching health topics but you like what you like!

I would just like to remind you that I am not a nutritionist and just post about things I believe to be true and what I believe has worked for me. If you would like to find out more about FODMAP’s, please feel free to research and make up your own mind.


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9 thoughts on “Low FODMAP for IBS

  1. livetobestrong February 9, 2014 at 11:32 am Reply

    Thanks for the great post, will definitely be looking at which foods FODMAP do/don’t recommend!

  2. bevsfoodhaven February 20, 2014 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on bevsfoodhaven and commented:
    This is very interesting but I am not yet convinced that it is not a fad.

  3. emmajh23 February 23, 2014 at 8:21 pm Reply

    Love this – I can’t describe how much the low FODMAP diet has helped my IBS!

  4. Nessa March 22, 2014 at 7:17 pm Reply

    I was on the Fodmaps diet for a few months before I had my colon removed. Even with a common that was quite literally falling apartinsideme, i got some relief with this diet. My biggest trigger was fructans– oh how I missed wheat, onions, and garlic!! I did find that true sourdough bread didn’t cause any issues though, since it’s the wheat carbohydrate and not the gluten that causes symptoms. Just make sure you look for one without yeast– all leavening should be thanks to the gas formed by the breakdown of the wheat’s fructans.
    Good luck sticking to the diet and feeling better.

    • freedomfoodjournal March 22, 2014 at 7:19 pm Reply

      It seems to be the high fructose fruits for me; that and added fructose in processed foods. Yeast is bad too. I hope you are doing good after your colon removal. That must have been awful!

      • Nessa March 22, 2014 at 8:59 pm

        I actually feel great now! Having an ostomy is a pain in the butt (or abdomen?) Sometimes, but after a decade of dealing with ulcerative colitis, it’s a breeze. It was the chemo that really did me in. If only I had removed my colon before I got cancer.

      • freedomfoodjournal March 22, 2014 at 9:00 pm

        Good to hear. Sounds like you’ve had a pretty rough time!

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