Pre Christmas Organic Fruit and Veg Delivery

Christmas is a really tough time of year to eat healthy. There is so much temptation around and very little of it is fruit and veggies, especially raw. It’s easy to just let go and say “well it’s only once a year so I might as well enjoy it”. An believe me, I do plan to enjoy it but I also plan to include healthy options. This will be easier for me when I am at home. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are both spent at my parents where they cook up all the yummy Christmas dishes and we enjoy time together as a family. Because the main Christmassy times are spent there, I have no need to buy any naughty foods, except baking ingredients for the treats I take over for my family to eat. And that is why I did a big order with Abel and Cole, the organic Fruit and Veg people who deliver boxes of organic items to your door. I used to order from them but stopped when it became too expensive. These days, I have learnt to value my health more and I am happy to pay that bit extra for everything to be organic and also to have a wider variety of foods to choose from then I can get at the local supermarket.

This box is called the Super Juicing Box. It is fixed ingredients so if you have informed them of items that you don’t like, you may still receive them in this box so check out the ingredients. The box also has a minimum of 7kg of produce. Inside are oranges, apples, beetroot, carrots, celery, ginger and one lonely lemon.

Super Juicing Box

Everything else I ordered I picked separately and not in any set box as I am quite picky due to my IBS. Below you can see blood oranges, chard, baking potatoes and kiwis. I have never seen blood oranges in my local supermarket so I am pretty excited about these. I think I will just eat them as they are and juice the normal orange ones that came in the juicing box. Also chard is pretty hard to get hold of. I’m planning raw wraps with the leaves and with probably juice or sauté the stalks.


This picture shows “black” tomatoes but look more dark green, a big bag of kale, two baby gem lettuces, and some pretty cool multi colour chillis; one is even purple which I have never seen before!


I ordered this plain bio soya yogurt to add to recipes or smoothies as it was only 99p. I don’t really like the taste of most soya yogurts but it has live bacteria and no added sugar so I had to have it.


Lastly, I order some low chemical cleaning products as that is something I am also concerned about. Why does washing up liquid need to be fluorescent green? The prices of these were not a great deal different to the branded chemical cleaners in the supermarkets so I was more than happy to add them to my order.


I think Abel and Cole deliver to most addresses in the UK so if you are interested then take a look at their website:

How are you staying healthy this Christmas? Do you have a organic delivery company you use or any other kind of finding exciting products?

Have a happy and healthy Christmas everyone! And happy Christmas from Lola too 🙂



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