New Toys – Dehydrator and Nikon Camera

Kale Chips

Meet my new dehydrator/fruit dryer, a cheap and cheerful option with donut shaped trays designed to dry a range of sliced fruits and veggies, even meat if you are disgusting enough to like that kind of thing. And like an idiot I have taken a photograph of the none English side of the box, but you aren’t missing much. So far I have dehydrated green apple slices, carrot slices and kale; apple being my favourite. I’m not sure how well this would do something like crackers as you would need some kind of sheet and they would have to be circular rather than square like the more expensive dehydrators. I’m sure I will give it a go though. Next on my list to dehydrate are blueberries, pineapple and courgette.


Kale Chips



Another new gadget I bought is a camera, the Nikon D3100. I am in love but I think Lola might be a bit sick of me taking pictures of her. I’m not 100% sure how to get the most out of my new toy but I am pretty happy with the immediate results. They are already much better than my usual smartphone/instagram pictures.


The Christmas decorations haven’t gone up yet but I have figured out that Lola hates the smell of peppermint oil so that will be my secret weapon against cat related tree attacks. I did buy myself a cute little Christmas plant and candle because I have a spending problem and because they are Christmassy and I’m excited.


Have your Christmas decorations gone up yet?


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