Product Reviews

Cooking everything from scratch can get pretty old pretty fast. Plus it’s difficult to make sure you are getting enough protein, enough calcium, enough vitamins. So sometimes a trip to a health food shop or an online shop makes life easier.

I’m a fan of adding powders or what not to a smoothie to increase the nutritional value but they don’t always taste so great. Case and point, Amazing Grass powder…


I knew this was too good to be true. Packed with all natural nutrition as well as natural caffeine to keep you going without coffee or red bull, it had the potential to change my life. I even read a review saying it was tasty so I wait with baited breath for it to arrive in the post. Boy was I disapointed. It is tangy in a really bad way. Each sip made me screw up my face until I gave in and threw it away. I tried to make a smoothie with it but the tang overpowered everything I threw at it. The only way I have managed to drink it is a teaspoon full in a green juice which is a fair bit less than the provided scoop. You need some willpower to make this one work.

Still in search of a natural, nutrient packed powder, I moved my attention to protein powders as I try not to eat too much meat and a lot of vegan protein sources upset my ibs. Enter Warrier Blend Raw Chocolate Protein Powder.


This one did not disapoint. It is chocolately and sweet enough to enjoy whilr being sugar free (contains stevia). It isn’t watery and has a kind of malty taste. I can drink this mixed with dairy free milk and it doesn’t feel like a chore. Plus it’s raw and vegan!

Milk up next. This one caught my eye as it is made from brown rice.


I can actually drink this on it’s own which is a big deal as I haven’t found any unsweetened dairy free milk that I like the taste of neat. It doesn’t even taste unsweetened! But it does contain oil. Perfect in my chocolate protein shake or breakfast.

And here is breakfast


Unsweetened porridge. A mix of gluten free oats, dried apple, raisins and cinnamon. And nothing else! It is really tasty but expensive. I did get it reduced though from Tesco.

Have you tried any new products lately? What do you recommend?


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