Healthy Snack Time

I find sticking to a healthy lifestyle a daily battle. I have never managed to get to a point where I have felt 100% well and refreshed. I suffer from digestive problems and fatigue that never go away, just vary in intensity. This makes it really demoralising when healthy living doesn’t cure my problems and I often fall of the wagon and fuel my body with lucozade and sugary snacks. I’ve even gone as low as eating bread when I am intolerant to gluten and yeast!

This is not a rant post (well maybe a little), it is more of a post to stress the importance of keeping on keeping on because even if I never feel completely well ever again, all the sugar is destroying what health I have left. Healthy foods are what my body needs, not quick fixes that perk me up for 20 minutes.

So after a sugar packed day, and feeling pretty guilty about it, I made myself a healthy snack of a smallish avocado halved with a squeeze of lemon on top, and a green tea with a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of coconut oil mixed in.

I’m going to try and get up early enough to have oats for breakfast, no matter how tempting the extra time in bed is!

What healthy snacks do you enjoy? How do you keep on motivated to be healthy?



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