Gluten Free Wraps

If you avoid gluten and live in the UK you will know that good gluten free wraps are hard to come by, if at all. So I was pretty excited when I found these in Tesco…


These are expensive at £3.10 for only 3 rectangular wraps but they are large and so flexible that it’s kind of worth it. I even half expected a stomach ache after eating these as you would never know they were gluten free. But they do contain dairy so beware.

If the price still bothers you then do what I did and slice them in half width ways to make 6 smaller ones and serve with a large salad or something.


I spread mine with mashed avocado with a little lime, lettuce cucumber matchsticks and a side of cherry plum tomatoes and carrot sticks. Yum!

Have you found any good gluten free products lately?


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