Monday & Tuesday Lunch


I have been eating like a pig lately. Well I say a pig, just lazy. I have hardly cooked and have had a few too many takeaways.

Anyway, this is what I made for lunch to have monday and tuesday. The top one is lettuce, tomatoes, brown rice cooked in soy sauce seasoned water, and tempeh also cooked in soy sauce water. It was my first attempt at tempeh and I am unsure about it so I put some hoisin sauce on it. A bit too sugary and processed for my current diet but needs must.

The bottom one is the same lettuce, tomatoes and rice, only there is mayo on the lettuce and left over bean burger chunks from todays dinner.

Hopefully these two meals will keep me away from the unhealthy snacks.

Oh, and I had a green juice for breakfast tosay. I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now!


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