Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers


Have you come into contact with anything from Kris Carr yet? The woman’s seriously inspirational. She whole heartedly lives a healthy vegan lifestyle to keep her cancer at bay. She’s all about good health, not only through diet but through lifestyle too. She looks and feels great!


Her book Crazy Sexy Kitchen is her first cookbook sharing healthy vegan recipes, including her trademark green juices. She has a little help from some guests as she isn’t a chef herself, and there are even some delicious looking raw dishes. It helps to have a dehydrator when tackling this book but only a few recipes call for one so no need to worry about that.


This recipe for Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers is brilliant. The sweet potatoes are roasted for maximum flavour and the black beans are deepened with tamari, cumin and garlic. I missed out the garlic as I have linked it to nausea in myself, but garlic does make everything better.

I highly recommend the book if you have an interest in health through a vegan diet. Kris is a great role model too if you want to dig a little deeper. Check out her blog or youtube channel!

If you would like the recipe then please get a copy of her book. I’m not sure how copyright works but I don’t want to treat on anyones toes!


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