Coronation Tofu and Lemon Tofu Cream


I am trying to further reduce my intake of animal products; for my health and for the animals and the planet. I struggle with the usual meat alternatives due to my digestive problems but I seem to be ok with tofu.

Tofu can be a pain to prepare. I don’t like its natural flavour so it’s not a quick meal for me. I have seen a lot of recipes for tofu scrambles and I was excited when I thought of recreating a favourite of mine, Coronation Chicken, which is basically shredded chicken, mayo and curry powder.

I always end up wasting tofu when I don’t eat the whole pack, hence recipe two. Lemon Tofu Cream. This would be delicious with chopped fruit as an alternative to yogurt, or sprinkled with granola. I used honey but agave is a great vegan alternative.

Recipe one – Coronation Tofu

1/2 pack Silken Tofu
3 tbsp Veganaise
2 tsp Curry Powder

Mix ingredients together into desired consistancy. Ideal sandwich or wrap filler. I used mine to top a baked potato.


Recipe two – Lemon Tofu Cream

1/2 pack Silken Tofu
Juice and zest of Small Lemon
3 tbsp Honey or Agave

Mix all ingredients together or blend until smooth. I mixed mine to resemble ricotta. Yum!



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