Cucumber, Pineapple and Ginger Juice


I bought a juicer a couple of weeks ago and I am already hooked. I was amazed to see how much juice came from a carrot, and how nice fruit and vegetable mixes are. Needless to say my trips to the supermarket have been transformed into a hunt for what I can cram into my juicer.

This particular recipe was born out of needing to use up ingredients that had seen better days.

All you need is…

1/2 a cucumber
1/2 a small pineapple or 1/3 of a bigger one
A couple of coin sized pieces of fresh ginger root

Stick it all in the juicer and voila! Think spinach would be a goid addition to this one.

Ps…excuse the crap photo. There wasn’t great natural light at the time so I had to put the juicer under the light beneath the kitchen cupboards. Hence the plug socket backdrop.


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3 thoughts on “Cucumber, Pineapple and Ginger Juice

  1. Storm February 26, 2013 at 12:37 am Reply

    Sounds like a good combo to me. I am currently drinking a “well, this is what I have” juice. Going produce shopping tonight. Mine is cucumber, blueberries, a white nectarine, celery, and a 1 inch slice of lemon.

  2. rawkombucha40 February 26, 2013 at 1:23 am Reply

    Ginger makes anything better! That sounds really good!

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