A Well Needed Makeover

Hello! I hope everyone is well and not too buried in snow. As nearly everyone on the planet, I made a few new years resolutions that I intend to stick to. One of them was to blog more. So I thought a good way to begin would be to give my poor little blog a makeover. I admit, I never expected anyone to read what I write so I didn’t really put too much effort into its appearance. Now, with a whole six followers, I think it is time to change that. So I present to you my new and improved blog! I have finally figured out how to do the titles running along the top so that I can consolidate all of my recipes onto one page with subtitles and links (yes, I’m not great with computers), so I hope you find that useful. It looks a little barren now, but with my new resolution to blog more, you can expect it to grow.

I would love any suggestions on how I can improve further, or which foods you would like a stomach or animal friendlier version of. I am very proud of my six followers and thank every one of you taking the time to check my blog out. Please feel free to stop by for a chat, or with any suggestions.


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